Born in Chicago, and raised in Memphis, Vernice wanted to be a cop since she was a young girl. She did that by taking a break from Middle Tennessee State University and joining the Nashville police department –  becoming the first female African-American motorcycle police officer in Nashville.

Returning to graduate, From there, she served as a police officer in Arizona, and then joined the US Marines and subsequently joined the Naval Air Station in Florida, where she was #1 in her class as a combat pilot.

Not only that, but she crushed it at the Marine camp she was at before being deployment – she was named Camp Female Athlete of the Year, twice won the Camp’s annual Strongest Warrior Competition, and was a running back for the San Diego Sunfire women’s football team. Later, in Iraq, she became Vernice became America’s first African American female combat pilot.

And now, after 14 years in the military, 2 delopments, 8 awards, she is a Professional Speaker as well as a Speaking Coach. In 2011, she wrote her book Zero to Breakthrough: The 7-Step, Battle-Tested Method for Accomplishing Goals that Matter. Today, she’s sitting with me.

I had the chance to sit down with Vernice and discuss. Well, a lot.

  • Her journey from being in the military to becoming a speaker
  • The concept of Deliberate Practice and how you can be good at what you don’t know anything about
  • Where passion and guts come from
  • The idea of working for free at what you want to do and then charging for it. I’m doing this right now btw.
  • How not making a decision is actually a decision

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