We can’t not work with people, regardless of who we are, or what we do. Corporate job. Entrepreneurship. Hell, we even plan our vacations with people.

And it can be hard, especially in a business. How do we make sure we treat our partners well? How do we make sure people get their shit done? How do we work on something that’s a part of us and build it with other people?

Today, I’m sharing with you on a conversation with Mokshika Sharma, serial entrepreneur, who at the time just got off a panel at 3 Day Startup Global Roundup talking about her experiences working with 3 cofounders

At that time, Mokshika was working on Full Fridge, and since that convesation, the team made the decision to shut down operations. They bootstrapped for a year and a half and became a well-known brand in Austin, but food startups are capital intensive to get it to a scaling phase, and funding could not be secured. It was the right decision, and to find out more about why that happened, and how you can be aware of whether that’s the right thing to do for your thing, I’m sitting down with her again! Very soon. I mean, if our schedules sync up, it might be next week! Bam!

Alright, I’ve talked for too long. Let’s do this.